Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The rumor of love

The rumor of love   

Seeker of God, you call yourself
but, in truth, all you’ve ever sought –

(chased your whole life long) – is the faint,
elusive, barely audible rumor of love.

(What a lonely life you’ve led!)
You have loved as much as most,

yet, (even so) it seemed always
more a suggestion, a penciled-in sketch.

What need would you have for God
if a deep, massive, substantive love

came swelling in?  Love enough to drown in;
not just the heart but the soul, too . . . carried away;

drown the universe
farther than the eye can see, 

the mind can imagine,
the heart can hold out for.

It breaks with longing so desperately, your heart
(according to the scriptures) for wholeness lost –

the rejoining of your detached self
to the Source of Truth.   
O seeker!

The rumor you chase starts with the moan
and murmur of your own incontiguous heart.

O child of God, the seeker is the Sought,
Meher says.  God is love.

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