Tuesday, June 14, 2016



The closer you get to truth,
the more tightly wound

around itself is paradox,
the linear poles gone limp,

loosely knotted like shoelaces.
Oneness is attained (apparently)

by disassociation from the illusion of self.
These deftly orbiting aggregates don’t mean

the hub exists as more than a not-quite-arbitrarily
selected point in space, a makeshift home

where we might hang our cognizant hats
until we’re ready to walk away from it all.

There is only one attachment to break
(which propagates all others) –

Oneness is attained by disassociation!
O pilgrim, honor your name –

quit the symbiotic partnership
that binds you to one spot

and venture forth, toward
whatever there may be beyond.

O child of God, infinity has no center.
To what do you daily tether yourself?

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