Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Begging bowl

Begging bowl  

To seek the truth (it seems to me),
is to covet what God knows and is,

while seeking nothing honors His secret.  
To seek nothing is the ultimate faith.

A dearth of trust is truth-seeking,
the self-seeking of reward –

truth being not what is known 
but what is now; nothing else to know -

unstorable; unrepeatable; untranslatable.
To seek nothing is to abandon the paradigm 

of loss and gain; to accept the mantle 
of our being an illusory scrap of nothingness.

So our choice is to grasp at truth
with our empty hands or simply to hold out

and accept whatever is dropped
into our God-issued begging bowl.

O child of God, truth is not to be found
but experienced in absolution and obliteration.
(crop of a photo by sciencefreak @ pixabay)

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