Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The author of chaos

The author of chaos     

At the center of attention, I’m the author of chaos.
Things ever-shifting outside myself and within –

rise and fall, come and go; strong winds blowing;
east and west never to meet; time marching on. 

But when I make it to the periphery,
a hush falls over existence; a timelessness

comes to the ever-changing scene.
Things settle into a pristine order; 

beauty rises on the wind; subtleties
become obvious and celebrated.

Moving from the center to the periphery
the center disappears – God has my back.

I’m no longer surrounded;
the past forever behind me,

returned to that sustaining,
mighty arena of the Unborn.

If I lose my grip on the periphery I am told,
I’ll go hurtling off into Oneness.

O child of God, the great illusion, Meher said,
is that you have ever been separate from the One.

(photo by brenkee @ pixabay)

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