Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A holy partaking

A holy partaking        

They send me postcards,
friends traveling the world –

colorful glossies; scribble on the back
notes of their adventures.  

No cards may be posted
from the realms I explore.

I just sit. Or tour my small house
and yard.  Do routine chores.

Enjoy quiet conversations with old friends.
I work on my flexibility; equanimity.

Read; paint; compose; prepare simple meals. 
The beauty of these ordinary happenings

I cannot reciprocally send their way
to fall upon busy, itinerant eyes and ears;

too subtle for photographs and words,
for the established premises, patterns,

constructs and commonality
of human communication.

O child of God, each morsel is a holy partaking
from the table which has been laid before us.


(photos by TerimakasihO, gwendoline63 - pixabay)

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