Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The excursion

The excursion        

A dust-shape drifting through drifts of snow
down a worn path to temporary shelter.

Escape by plunging into life –
this is the practice given to me. 

Not fanciful ideas of life –
a barbed fence at the property’s edge,

but walking out onto the lake, the ice thinner
the farther I get from shore,


as I glide and slip into next-to-nothing
in this floating world timeless and invulnerable.

When I break through at last,
they tell me, suddenly,

I will become nothing and everything
at the same propitious moment but right now

the excursion is simply everything, nothing
and enough; more than enough.

O child of God, who is there to hear you
above the wind’s icy roar?