Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bite your tongue

Bite your tongue                 

One place to get to and here we are
but a hair’s breadth away.

Watch where you next step;
it may lead to a gate.  And beyond –

a garden rich, spacious,
redolent, varied, serene.

Step back to take in the whole view.
Bite your tongue to hear the birdsong.

And to smell the blossoms – 
stop sniffing your own sweat. 

People become free of care
when care is taken seriously;

light-footed when burdens
fall from their shoulders; tipsy.

Ordinary perfection; ubiquitous singularity.
Wordless poetry; thoughtless profundity –

it’s all awaiting us in the garden beyond
that even row of staunch white pales.

O child of God, a glimpse of heaven
reveals – you’re not in the picture.

(photos by Stevehoward2203/StillWorksimagery- Pixabay)

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