Saturday, March 26, 2016

On shoe shining

On shoe shining        

Following the path of Love,   
every moment is devoted to God

while moving through the world,
in everything you do.  Shining shoes? 

Shine them – God in your heart and thoughts,
taking the extra care and attention demanded,

perhaps, murmuring under your breath
with each buff, your intimate name for Him.

The Zen method while shining shoes
is to concentrate on shoe shining –

as a way to honor the given task,
the extra care and attention required

in surrendering wholeheartedly
to the holy moment – its great mystery – 

ceaselessly arising and intertwining
where the form and formless, the One

and the many, the eternal and fleeting,
where God and humanity, meet and touch.

O child of God, the Masters’ every sundry methods
are designed to remove your pernicious ignorance.

(photo by NadineDoerle - pixabay)

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