Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A dutiful man

A dutiful man       

A friend of mine – a terrible fate –
he’s an important person. 

He can’t get free; a terrible weight;
bound too tightly to become a child.

Such a dutiful man, his whole
adult world would have to be upended,

friends betrayed; admirers turned aside.
Who could swim against such a tide?

No one would allow it.  Better to be
a nobody – then you have a chance

to slip out when the world isn’t looking,
through that loose board in the fence;

by that patch of elderberries, wade the narrow stream;
cross the open meadow and into the woods.

But my friend – he’s so tightly bound,
he parades around, wearing his chains like jewelry;

his bindings like vestments. Making his stand;
fighting the good fight.  He’ll make a dignified,

stately corpse one day; be much-mourned,
highly-lauded at his well-attended funeral.

O child of God, work to get yourself free
for the sake of yourself and your goodhearted friend.

(photo by k_r_craft - pixabay)

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