Saturday, October 29, 2016

Unhand the world

Unhand the world  

Surrender by unhanding the world;
true humility, it seems, the perfect slave,

attained by embracing utter ignorance
and some sort of dynamic passivity.

Incapable of grasping the Truth, the mind
must be put aside, or by grace put itself aside.

Though it might lead, by negation,
to Truth’s threshold, for the pilgrim

to enter the Tomb-shrine, the discriminating mind
must resolutely and purposefully be discarded

like sandals outside the door –
feet bare and the world unhanded,

naked of any reactive defense
until it becomes dissolved in wholeness,

so They say, seamlessly forever unattached.
Ignorance embraced by faith,

nurtured and established until it becomes,
by grace, whatever True Knowledge is.

O child of God, Meher said, love Me;
do not try to understand Me.

(photo of Meher Baba's tomb - Meherabad, India)

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