Monday, March 21, 2016

Hitch a ride

Hitch a ride      

Viewing the moon’s rise and flight
cater-corner across the backyard,

rearranging the shadows and reflections
as it goes. Only so many more left to catch

this time around, like a giant pearl
rising from the green wood.

Take me with you, I want to shout.
If I could hitch a ride, sit atop its soft light

making its rounds, illuminating, befriending,
without preference or intention;

always up there to fade into, to lift up
with one strong arm and plant me on its back

so we might leisurely patrol together
the heavens with a quiet non-attachment

toward the busy, frightful workings
of this illusory, binding world below.  

O child of God, ride the moon that never rises,
never sets, neither waxes nor wanes.

(photo by Petra Fischer - pixabay)

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