Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What Is

What Is   

Delve into existence beyond the apparent;
uncover evidence in this illusory realm

of the truth’s countless nuances.  Become wise
of your own ways and others.  Wisdom is righteous.

But, at some point you must turn away,
accepting only the apparent

because nuance remains illusion
and investigation is attachment

and the acceptance of existence
as being the ultimate reality.

To try and figure out life, ourselves and others
is to give it all too much importance.

To ponder beyond a certain stage
sweeps us away from God and the goal,

chewing the cud of falsity, indulging in the knowable –
a poor substitute for being and existence –

while the apparent is truly what is true,
happening in the one and only moment;

what our senses and mind encounters,
grapples with briefly and abandons ceaselessly; 

what is now, happening, holy, what Is,
signifying nothing beyond its miraculous existence.

O child of God, Meher urged everyone to see
beyond the form to Who He really is. 
(photo by Office 361 - pixabay)

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