Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Where the day will take us

Where the day will take us                       

Harder each year, becomes the routine –
folding and unfolding myself;

reach, stretch, bend and arch. 
Harder still to flex that not-the-body

pertaining to me – to keep it vital –
generous and receptive.

Jesus said, become as a little child –
when I went about 

where the day would take me,
shedding a life in time

of hierarchical impositions;
exploring the outposts and wild purlieus –

nameless and unruly; heroic and detached.
It’s not that unmarked tablet

(lost on the way to school)
we must recover but, our flexibility,

our susceptibility, slipping out
of our tendencies, our utterly crushing contexts,

young and vigorous, lithesome and nimble,
adventuresome deep in our bones,

as we go about exploring the vast,
Godly paths of where the day will take us.

O child of God, are your own arrangements
superior to your Father’s intentions?    
(photo by Dassel/pixabay)

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