Monday, August 15, 2016



A charcoal portrait which represents me
as much as apparently anything else,

all down on paper in black and white;
stationary lines arc and wriggle,

twist and flow, crafting brows,
hairlines and facial features.

I’m the empty space, I suppose,
sketchy, binary, insinuated;

formed and shaped
by shades of black and gray.

The black is my ignorance – 
overwhelming; peripheral; defining.

The white is my emptiness,
at center stage, the light’s facsimile.

I become existent where there is nothing -
allowing the backdrop to seep through.

Having mislocated myself, I cleave desperately
to the ignorance that appears to define me.

O child of God, the goal is not to know yourself 
but to be Who You are and always were.

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